The Hungarian National Ballet is not planning to hold a Company Audition in the season 2013-14. We may, however, accept artists evaluated as a potential match within the frames of a private audition. (Video auditions are excluded for insufficiency reasons.) Invitations are extended at the discretion of the Ballet Director, upon submitting a complete portfolio in full accordance with the following requirements. Please read through carefully!

Please send all information electronically, in one single e-mail for easy processing, to


Please include

-       a detailed professional cv in English, in word/pdf format

-       date of birth

-       current height in cm and weight in kg

-       citizenship(s)

-       current address and mobile phone number

-       at least 2-3 classical dance photos in separate picture files (please note that the size of your e-mail should not exceed 8MB)

-       a recent headshot (passport photo) in a separate picture file, for identification purposes

-       at least one link to a recent video enabling full evaluation of your classical technique and artistic level, uploaded publicly (without a password), inclusive of: point for ladies; adagio, tours, jumps & partnering


Please note that your application will not be processed in case:

-       it is sent to any other e-mail address

-       it is incomplete

-       it is sent by post

-       complete information needs to be assembled from different e-mails

-       your cv is sent in a format other than the above stated or in a language other than English

-       your measurements are not stated in cm/kg

-       your video does not enable full evaluation of your classical technique

-       your video is under a password

-       it is not absolutely clear which dancer in the video is you

-       processing your portfolio would involve extra capacities for lack of compliance with our requirements in any way or form


Posted materials or incomplete portfolios are neither kept/saved, nor returned.


Complete portfolios will be processed according to available capacity. Only artists selected to be invited for a private audition will be contacted.


Thank you for your kind understanding.