Privacy Policy

The following rules apply to the use of the pictorial and text content or their elements of the website of the Hungarian State Opera House Budapest (hereinafter: Opera House). By browsing the website, the user undertakes to follow the rules outlined below.

If not indicated otherwise, the Opera House is the sole proprietor of all rights resulting from copyright and trustee rights of the content of the portal. The Opera House has exclusive rights to grant permission to any use of the content in total or in any identifiable part in material and non-material forms. An advance contract of use must be signed with the Opera House to obtain permission for each use. In the case when the Opera House is not the sole proprietor of rights of the content, the user shall request permission to use the content from each proprietor of rights.

The pages of the portal are protected by copyright law in their entirety. The use of the picture or text content of the website in total or in parts must be in accordance with the stipulations of Law No. LXXVI of 1999. The user undertakes no to prejudice the copyright and other rights related to online content owned by the Opera House and other copyright holders.

The user shall indicate the name of the author, the title of the work and the name of the photographer with a reference to the website of the Opera House ( on every occasion.

In the case of fair use no charge applies, and no permission from the Opera House is required. Based on regulations referring to fair use, using the material is allowed and is free of charge only if it does not prejudice the interests of the Opera House or a third party, it is in harmony with the requirements for honest practice and does not have objectives which are contradictory with the purpose of fair use.

Anyone can make a copy of the content for personal use if it does not serve the interest of obtaining or increasing financial revenues. It is permitted to make copies in the way and to the extent which are in harmony with the objective for private use and internal institutional use – excluding entrepreneurial activities – for scientific or educational purposes provided that it does not serve the interest of obtaining or increasing financial revenues.
Further use, copy, distribution of such copies as well as their storage in databases, making them downloadable or selling them to the public is strictly forbidden.
Illegal use will result in criminal prosecution and civil legal prosecution.

Links to the portal can be placed in other online services, but the Opera House maintains its right to raise an objection and initiate its deletion.