Five Dances - Modern Ballet Evening at the Erkel Theatre

The Erkel Theatre says goodbye to the 2013/14 season with a modern ballet evening. The five modern classics were presented in this form (on one stage in one evening) for the first time last year at the Erkel. During the evening everyone can find what they come for: modern and calssical ballet and music, serious and humorous choreographies, committed fans of ballet and those who have just started to get acquainted with the genre.


Max Richter – David Dawson: On the Nature of Daylight

It is a work that tries to explore the idea of love as both the ordinary and the extra-ordinary. There are many possibilities of finding pure love. A task that binds us as human beings, and a search that happens continually around the world on a daily basis. 


Richard Wagner – Wayne Eagling: Duet

The pas de deux first produced in Lissabon, in 1995 was choreographed to the music of Isolde's Liebestod (Love-Death) from Wagner's Tristan und Isolde. The choreography features complicated liftings which requires exceptionally high technical preparations from the performers.


Philip Glass – Lukács András: Whirling

András Lukács uses many classical elements in his choreographies. However, he wa affected greatly in terms of modern technique during his years spent abroad. By combining these two styles he tries to proiduce a balance as well as create his own style as a choreographer.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Jiří Kylián: Petite Mort 

Petite Mort is a strangely meaningful depiction of the ecstasy of sexual act. This sensation is describen in French with the phrase "little death". And it might be possible that the moment of joy (which might also be  the conception of a new life is a memento as well: our life is relatively short, and death remains close all along.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Jiří Kylián: Six Dances

Kylián choreographed these six, seemingly motley pictures to German Dances by Mozart. They are obviously regardless of our environment, and dwarfed beside the steady existence of the restless world which – for some undeterminable cause – rankles us.


Performances: 12, 13, 14, 15 June 2014 Erkel Theatre


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