Der Freischütz
Weber, C. M. von

 Romantic opera in three acts, in German, with Hungarian surtitles
Opera House | 19:00-22:00
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The Book of Ghosts opens up, and out roll magic bullets. They roll through the mysterious forests of Bohemia, all the way to the Wolfs Glen. The milky light from the full moon falls across the weeds, and bloodlike dew glistens on the spider-webs. Something macabre is afoot. Demonic forces have entered the normal order of the life of this forest community. The huntsmans bride receives a mourning wreath. Hunter and Prey, Good and Evil ally and struggle with one another - until the white bird alights. 


Der Freischütz is a romantic thriller. The first in a totally new art form. Carl Maria von Weber not only created German Romantic opera, but also simultaneously reinvented the operatic genre as a whole - both in terms of its thematic content and its composition and orchestration. The plot is derived from German folk legends, while German folk music served as inspiration for its harmonies, thus departing fully from tradition and the bel canto style. Although important German operas had come before it (Mozarts Magic Flute and Beethovens Fidelio), Webers masterpiece marked the start of a golden age. Wagner called him the most German of composers. 


This is an exceptional piece, and we owe it a great deal. However, we have been ungrateful: as with the repertoires of so many other famous opera houses, Der Freischütz has been missing from Budapests for years. With the aid of Sándor Zsóter, we will make up for this absence. 

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