Managed by the Hungarian State Opera, the Erkel Theatre is scheduled to officially re-open its doors one year from now (7 November) to the date we intend to establish and celebrate as Hungarian Opera Day. It is for this reason that, on the 202nd anniversary of the birth of Ferenc Erkel and in accordance with a government decree requiring the Erkel Theatre's “restoration to a state suitable for staging theatrical productions”, we will be announcing that the public procurement tender for this work has been won by Laki Épületszobrász Zrt. on 17 November, directly following the expected expiry of the legally specified ten-day moratorium. From the end of the first phase of construction in March 2013, 100 days of test operation will begin at the Erkel Theatre, during which time the Opera House artists will play a total of 80 times in the famous building on Pope John Paul II Square. /7 November 2012/