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Mária Ambrus | Set Designer

She graduated as an architect from the Department of Design at the Faculty of Architecture of Budapest Technical University in 1977. Her degree project was the design of an experimental theatre. He studied at the Master Class of the Association of Hungarian Architects until 1980. She made her first set designs in 1990 on Sándor Zsótér's request, and has been working together with the director ever since. She had a joint exhibition with Mari Benedek in the Új Színház (New Theatre) in 2000. She held a design course at the Department of Scenic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts. She has worked in almost every Hungarian theatre in the past twenty years. Her recent major works: Chandler: The Long Goodbye (Gárdonyi Géza Theatre, Eger), Dürrenmatt: The Visit (József Attila Theatre), Gorky: Vassa Zheleznova (National Theatre), Katona: Bánk bán (Krétakör), Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice (Gárdonyi Géza Theatre, Eger). Her first set designs in the Opera House were those of Der Zwerg and Erwartung