Richard Wagner

Der fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman)

Opera in one act, in German with Hungarian and English surtitles (original 1841 version)
'Wherever you open the score, you feel the wind blowing at you,' commented an elder contemporary of Richard Wagner when discussing Der fliegende Holländer. This sentence, although intended as a criticism, actually highlighted one of the greatest strengths of this romantic opera premiered in 1843: the apparent presence of the storm and the sea, unbridled natural forces that make the opera so unique. The accursed Dutchman, who can only step ashore every seven years, is the first of Wagner's heroes to yearn for the miracle of redemption through love. The tale of a woman's extreme sacrifice and a man carrying the crushing burden of his fate extends well beyond the traditional boundaries of German romantic opera.

General cast

Christian Badea
Donald (Daland)
András Palerdi
Gyöngyi Lukács / Eszter Sümegi
Georg (Erik)
Attila Fekete
Éva Balatoni
Daland's steersman
István Horváth
The Dutchman
Alexandru Agache / Mihály Kálmándi

R. Wagner: A bolygó hollandi / The Flying Dutchman