V. Vajnonen / P. I. Csajkovszkij

The Nutcracker

Fairy-tale ballet in three acts
'The curtain rises to reveal the following: caramel, marzipan, gingerbread, nougat, candied nuts, barley sugar, peppermints, boiled sweets, toasted almonds and black raisins.' These were the instructions of Marius Petipa, the principal ballet master of St. Petersburg's Mariinsky Theatre, in the original scenario provided to Tchaikovsky. A lesser composer might have animated the characters in the libretto with musical syrup rather than poetry. Sixty years after its world premiere, the ballet quickly gained world icon status with a new choreography by Vasily Vainonen, the very same that will once again be returning to the stage of the Opera House. Happy holidays!

Act 1 


Scene 1 

Christmas Eve in a small German town in the mid-nineteenth century. The lights of Counselor Stahlbaum's house glisten in the falling snow. Guests loaded with presents - children and adults - hurry toward the house. Among them we see Uncle Drosselmeyer, a friend of the children. 


Scene 2 

For a fleeting moment we see the excited children anxiously peeking through the doors. Among them is the host's son, Michael. Drosselmeyer opens the doors to the salon, in the center of which sparkles the Christmas tree. 


Scene 3 



The children dance around the tree, and in the end receive their presents. The adults celebrate, toast each other, and dance an old-fashioned dance much to the delight of Grandmother and Grandfather. Drosselmeyer grabs the childrens' attention by appearing dressed as a magician. His puppets perform a battle between a fairy tale prince and an evil mouse king, in which the prince saves his love, the princess. Wonder of wonders! The dance of the mechanical dolls begins. The clown, the porcelain doll and the moor doll all come to life. Drosselmeyer sneaks yet another present under the Christmas tree: a nutcracker. No one wants the grotesque doll expect Maria, the hosts' young daughter. Feeling sorry for the orphaned toy, she reaches for it. She plays with it and rocks it but her brother Michael, being curious about the strange doll, wants to play with it as well. The nutcracker falls victim to the children's squabbles and his jaw breaks. Drosselmeyer puts everything in order and makes peace... but it is getting late. The guests slowly bid farewell, the house becomes quiet, and the lights are dimmed. 



Act 2 


Scene 1 

We are in Maria's bedroom. Before going to sleep, the young girl rocks the doll once more and places it in the large biedermeier armchair. She daydreams about the evening's festivities and imagines wild mice munching away on the Christmas candies. On the verge of falling asleep, she tries to defend the nutcracker from them... and begins to dream. 


Scene 2 

The Christmas tree becomes enormous, the toys take on a new dimension, and the giant Mouse King springs forth. The Nutcracker comes to life and, at the head of his army of tin soldiers, defends the Christmas tree. A duel ensues between the Mouse King and the Nutcracker, and lo and behold, the Nutcracker is victorious while the mice flee. We catch a glimpse of Drosselmeyer among the branches of the Christmas tree and at the moment the Nutcracker magically transforms into a handsome, young prince. The wise old Drosselmeyer hands his magic wand over to the prince. 


Scene 3 



The stage pictures a snowy forest. Maria appears as a young princess, and the Nutcracker greets her with adoration. They discover their feelings for one another while dancing a delicate, dream-like pas de deux. As a finale, the prince gently lifts the princess on his outstretched arms and leaves the stage with her. Snowflakes begin to swirl and come to life. At first only four, then more and more snowflakes dance onto the stage. They become a giant snowball, then break apart into smaller groups and, finally a giant circle of snowflakes envelopes the stage. Bells toll during the gentle snowfall and soon only one or two snowflakes remain. Maria and the prince, arm-in-arm, begin their long journey, following the snowflakes. 



Act 3 


Scene 1 

Maria and the prince sail on a fairy tale sea in a golden ship. The 'journey' gently rocks them and the beautiful music accompanies the young couple to the prince's kingdom. 


Scene 2 

The ship docks near a seaside cave. The prince looks for the road leading to his kingdom. All of a sudden, bats - allies of the beaten Mouse King - obstruct their path. However, the prince is again victorious with the help of the magic wand he received from Drosselmeyer. 




Scene 3 

At the lace palace, the inhabitants of the 'Doll Kingdom' greet the returning prince and his bride, Maria, with deep adoration. The dolls display their beauty through a series of dances: First, we see four dancers performing a vivid Spanish dance. They are followed by the rhythms of an Eastern dance in which the main dancer is accompanied by four ballerinas bearing silk scarves. With jumps and quick turns,  


Chinese dolls dance to the staccato music. They are soon followed by Russian dancers. A rococo pas de trois is performed by children resembling Limoges porcelain dolls. The performance reaches its peak with the Waltz of Roses, featuring eight pairs of dancers and four soloists, who are joined by Princess Maria and the Nutcracker Prince. Their classic pas de deux is a beautiful declaration of love. All the beautiful dolls of the lace palace join in for the finale. The scenery is transformed, and the Christmas tree appears in shining light. The happy couple moves toward the beautiful tree- and at this point, Maria's dream comes to an end. 




Scene 4 

We are in the young girl's bedroom. The nanny tiptoes in and wakes the sleeping Maria. The child rubs her eyes. Still half asleep, she runs to the Nutcracker and embraces it... they had a wonderful dream together. 

Photographer: Csillag Pál

General cast

Valéria Csányi / András Déri / Imre Kollár
Princess Maria
Lili Felméri / Shoko Nakamura / Ildikó Boros / Adrienn Pap / Aliya Tanykpayeva / Semionova Polina / Alexandra Kozmér
Nutcracker Prince
Ievgen Lagunov / Gergely Leblanc / Máté Bakó / Roland Liebich / Dmitry Timofeev / Zoltán Oláh
Mr. Stahlbaum
Gábor Szigeti / Péter Hajdu / György Szirb
Mrs. Stahlbaum
Angela Mingardo / Zsuzsanna Papp
Noémi Nagy / Anna Fülöp
Liliána Bozsányi / Blanka Katona
Kristóf Deák / Zoárd Szabó
Bence Apáti / Alekszandr Komarov / Levente Bajári
Katalin Kőszegi / Erika Soós
Vince Topolánszky / Gergő Cserháti
Csaba Hommer / Oszkár Rotter / Andrea P. Merlo
Eszter Kazinczy / Ilona Dienes / Gabriella Vontszemű / Ildikó Szűcs
Two Snowflakes 1
Two Snowflakes 2
Enikő Somorjai
Mouse King
Mikalai Radziush / Attila Szakács
Yuya Takahasni / Dávid Molnár / Balázs Majoros
Ayaka Fujii / Lilla Purszky / Olga Chernakova
African dancer
Ali Viktor Tabbouch / András Szegő / Bálint Katona
Spanish dance 1
Jessica Carulla Leon / Sznezsana Gikovszki
Spanish Dance 2
Ágnes Riedl / Lea Földi
Spanish Dance 3
Jaclyn Ann Higgins / Nemes Zsófia Nagy
Spanish Dance 4
Dorisz Bedő
Eastern Dance Solo
Minjung Kim
Eastern Dance 1
Eastern Dance 2
Ágnes Kelemen / Zsófia Szeregnyi
Eastern Dance 3
Bianka Rotter
Eastern Dance 4
Barbara Tóth / Edit Fehér
Russian dance 1
Rita Hangya / Danielle Gould
Russian dance 2
Vila M. Ricardo
Chinese dance 1
Yuka Asai
Chinese dance 2
Kristóf Morvai / Miklós Dávid Kerényi
Pas de trois 1
Dóra Szelényi / Flóra Speier
Pas de trois 2
Valentin Domsa / László Pavleszek
Pas de trois 3
Katerina Doriti
Rose Waltz Solo 1
Vivienne Csokán / Tatjana Vdovicheva
Rose Waltz Solo 2
Kristina Starostina / Anna Krupp
Rose Waltz Solo 3
Szigeti Scanlon Kelsey Ilona
Rose Waltz Solo 4
Judit Varga / Cristina Balaban
Rose Waltz Solo 5
Dénes Darab / György Jellinek
Rose Waltz Solo 6
Iurii Kekalo / Boris Myasnikov
Rose Waltz Solo 7
József Medvecz / Carlos Taravillo
Rose Waltz Solo 8
Benjamin Babácsi


Vaszilij Vajnonen
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Libretto after E. T. A. Hoffmann by
Vaszilij Vajnonen
Set Designer
Gusztáv Oláh
Costume Designer
Gusztáv Oláh
Ballet master
Krisztina Végh / Katalin Volf / Marianna Venekei / Tamás Solymosi / Angéla Kövessy / Imre Dózsa
Dance Academy students trained by
Evelyn Janács