Joseph Haydn

L'isola disabitata

Comic opera in two acts, in Hungarian

They say nothing happens by chance. In 1779, fire broke out in the Eszterházy Castle in Fertőd. The Chinese ballroom and the famous theatre hall both burned to the ground, but, in a manner verging on the miraculous, the fire did not reach Haydn’s living quarters. The fateful event occurred just a few weeks before the premiere of The Deserted Island. Had the fire done more damage, we would never have known about this royal Robinson Crusoe tale of misunderstanding, along with who knows how many other works.

Haydn. When we hear his name, we think of symphonies, string quartets, and perhaps oratorios. Operas do not come to mind so much, even though he wrote 15 of them. This season, audiences will be able to watch the fourteenth of these, performed on the mini-stage on the Royal Staircase in a production by the Moltopera under the direction of a student of the University of Theatre and Film Arts.

Photographer: Rákossy Péter
Youth programme

General cast

Gennaro Antonio Federico / Csaba Tőri
Gennaro Antonio Federico / Renáta Göncz
Gennaro Antonio Federico / Eszter Balogh
Gennaro Antonio Federico / Zoltán Gradsach
Gennaro Antonio Federico / József Csapó
Gennaro Antonio Federico


Joseph Haydn
Zsófi Geréb
Metastasio Pietro
László Ágoston
Set Designer
Virág Pázmány
Costume Designer
Szilvia Nagy


2014. November 23., Sun, 11:00
2014. November 23., Sun, 16:00
2014. November 30., Sun, 11:00
2014. November 30., Sun, 15:00
2014. December 20., Sat, 11:00
2014. December 21., Sun, 11:00

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