Giuseppe Verdi

Don Carlo

Opera in three parts, in Italian with Hungarian surtitles
Father, the King of Spain, marries son’s sweetheart for political reasons. Meanwhile, TitleCharacter aims to become Governor of Flanders, but daddy has other ideas. Son nearly stabs father and is put behind bars. He doesn’t take the hint even after the shooting of his amigo, probably a political instigator, and intrigue against his father’s ex-sweetheart, and might wind up in trouble if his dead grandfather doesn’t show up to help.
Photographer: Éder Vera

General cast

Domonkos Héja
Filippo II
István Rácz / Péter Fried
Don Carlo
Atilla Kiss B. / István Kovácsházi
Rodrigo, Marchese di Posa
Mihály Kálmándi
Il Grande Inquisitore
Géza Gábor / Krisztián Cser
Un frate
Ferenc Cserhalmi
Elisabetta di Valois
Eszter Sümegi
La Principessa d'Eboli
Erika Gál / Bernadett Wiedemann
Krisztina Simon
Il Conte di Lerma
Gergely Boncsér
Voce dal cielo
Orsolya Hajnalka Röser


Giuseppe Verdi
Camille Du Locle / Joseph Méry
András Mikó
Staged by
Daisy Boschán
Set Designer
Gábor Forray
Costume Designer
Tivadar Márk
Choir Master
Kálmán Strausz


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