Giuseppe Verdi


Comic opera in three acts, in Italian with Hungarian and English surtitles

"There is only one way to end your career more splendidly than with Otello, and that is to end it with Falstaff!" So Verdi was told by his librettist and good friend, Arrigo Boito. Although the elderly master had not tried his hand at comedy since the ugly failure of Un giorno di regno in 1840, fifty years later the dry spell ended: Sir John Falstaff, the fat and rakish knight invented by the composer's favourite author, Shakespeare, would become his second comic opera, as well as his final – and perhaps most brilliant – work. This comedy conceived by world-renowned director Arnaud Bernard will be returning to the stage of the Opera House with a parade of stars for a cast!

General cast

Domonkos Héja / N.N.
Sir John Falstaff
Alexandru Agache / N.N.
Zoltán Kelemen / N.N.
Péter Balczó / N.N.
Dr. Caius
Jenő Dékán / N.N.
Géza Gábor / N.N.
Tamás Kóbor / N.N.
Mrs. Alice
Beatrix Fodor / N.N.
Orsolya Sáfár / N.N.
Mrs. Quickly
Bernadett Wiedemann / N.N.
Mrs. Page
Erika Gál / N.N.


Giuseppe Verdi
Hungarian Surtitles
Ágnes Romhányi
English Surtitles
Arthur Roger Crane
Arnaud Bernard
Set Designer
Arnaud Bernard
Costume Designer
Arnaud Bernard / Dalma Závodszky
Chorus Director
Kálmán Strausz


2014. October 15., Wed, 18:00
2014. October 17., Fri, 19:00
2014. October 19., Sun, 11:00
2014. October 22., Wed, 19:00
2014. November 04., Tue, 19:00
2014. November 08., Sat, 11:00

Falstaff sajtótájékoztató / Falstaff press event