Antonio Vivaldi


Opera in three acts, in Italian, with Hungarian and English surtitles
Hungarian premiere

The operas of the “Red Priest” (which number close to 50) were practically unknown until the last quarter of the 20th century. Since the start of the millennium, however, people can’t seem to get enough, as more and more recordings and productions are made of his operas. This premiere is a curiosity for two reasons: first, this is the piece’s Hungarian premiere, and second, because this is the first occasion a Vivaldi opera will be appearing on the Budapest Opera playbill.

Farnace was one of its composer’s favourite operas. The plot revolves around the King of Pontus, recently defeated by the Romans, whose mother-in-law despises him and conspires against him. Intrigue, politics, a death sentence, love, manipulation, and hatred abound as the characters find themselves in the most extreme of situations and traverse an enormously wide range of emotions.

General cast

Pál Németh
Farnace, king of Pontus
Xavier Sabata
Berenice, queen of Cappadocia
Tünde Szabóki
Tamiri, Farnace’s wife, Berenice’s daughter
Viktória Vizin
Pompeo, Roman proconsul
Selinda, Farnace’s sister
Atala Schöck
Gilade, Berenice’s captain
Gilade, Berenice’s captain
Nóra Ducza
Dávid Szigetvári
The son of Farnace and Tamiri


Antonio Vivaldi
Antonio Maria Lucchini
Hungarian surtitles
Judit Kenesey
English surtitles
Arthur Roger Crane
Ferenc Anger
Judit Kenesey
Set Designer
Éva Szendrényi
Costume Designer
Gergely Zöldy Z