Zsófia Tallér-Andor Szilágyi-Barnabás Szöllősi

Leander and Linseed

Fairy-tale opera in two parts, in Hungarian
World premiere
Fairy Tale Opera Premiere at the Erkel Theatre!The tale of Leander the goblin and Princess Linseed, brimming with magic and a seemingly unbreakable curse, not to mention a wealth of twists and turns, is a genuinely good yarn. Set to a libretto by Barnabás Szöllősi that is based on Andor Szilágyi's fable for the theatre and written at the Opera's request, Erkel Prize-winning composer Zsófia Tallér's masterful, expressive and entertaining music makes this new Hungarian fairy tale opera an enjoyable experience for children and adults alike, and, we hope, a possible future classic.
Youth programme

General cast

Tibor Bogányi / Gennaro Antonio Federico
Gennaro Antonio Federico / Marcell Bakonyi
Ágnes Molnár / Gennaro Antonio Federico
Prince Mar-Szúr
Gennaro Antonio Federico / Gergely Boncsér
Gennaro Antonio Federico / Eszter Wierdl
King Bölömbér
Gennaro Antonio Federico / András Habetler
Queen Bölömbér
Gennaro Antonio Federico / Andrea Meláth
Negéd Fairy
Gennaro Antonio Federico / Ildikó Cserna
Gennaro Antonio Federico / Zoltán Daragó
Zoltán Gradsach / Gennaro Antonio Federico
Csíjjegős bőregér
Júlia Vajda / Gennaro Antonio Federico
Csújjogós bőregér
István Rozsos / Gennaro Antonio Federico
I. Horkoláb
Ferenc Herczeg / Gennaro Antonio Federico
II. Horkoláb
János Fátrai / Gennaro Antonio Federico


Zsófia Tallér
Andor azonos című mesedarabja alapján Szilágyi / Barnabás Szöllősi
Sándor Zsótér
Set Designer
Mária Ambrus
Costume Designer
Mari Benedek
Andrea Ladányi
Leader of Children's Choir
Gyöngyvér Gupcsó
MMTZI növendékei


2015. April 10., Fri, 11:00
2015. April 11., Sat, 11:00
2015. April 11., Sat, 17:00
2015. April 12., Sun, 11:00
2015. April 18., Sat, 11:00
2015. April 18., Sat, 17:00
2015. April 19., Sun, 11:00

Tallér Zsófia-Szilágyi Andor-Szöllősi Barnabás: Leánder és Lenszirom