Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Parázsfuvolácska - The Magic Flute for children

Fairy-tale singspiel with intermission for pretzels, in Hungarian
Although Mozart's opera is a fairy tale for grown-ups, its wondrous elements - the trial of Tamino and Pamina, the comic antics of Papageno, and not least of all, the enchanting music of Mozart - also make it a perfect introduction to the world of opera for children. It's just a matter of serving up the work to them in an appropriate fashion. The distinguished poet János Laczkfi, a father himself, has helped us re-conceive and rework The Magic Flute expressly for the enjoyment of little ones. With added attractions galore, youngsters of all ages are sure to be enchanted!
Photographer: Herman Péter
Youth programme

General cast

Géza Köteles
László Szvétek / Krisztián Cser
Gergely Boncsér / Zoltán Megyesi
The Queen of the Night
Ildikó Szakács / Rita Hertelendy
Borbála Keszei / Zita Szemere
Zoltán Bátki Fazekas / Zoltán Gradsach
Eszter Zavaros
Gábor Csiki / Jenő Dékán
Tamás Busa

Operaház - Parázsfuvolácska