Gaetano Donizetti

L'elisir d'amore

Comic opera in two acts, in Hungarian with Hungarian surtitles
Romantically inclined young lady chooses soldier over regular lad, but latter refuses to give up and obtains a dosage of liquid from a pedlar of placebo potions. Once the effect wears off, he purchases another portion, which he can’t pay for. Owing to his financial deficit, he joins the army, where his dashing good looks and charm stand him in good stead, until finally even the romantically inclined young lady is his, while the potion-pedlar departs happily. The ex-sweetheart does so less so.


Photographer: Rákossy Péter

General cast

Géza Köteles / László Bartal / István Dénes
Zita Váradi / Ingrid Kertesi / Júlia Hajnóczy
János Szerekován / Péter Balczó / Szabolcs Brickner
Zoltán Bátki Fazekas / Róbert Rezsnyák / Lajos Geiger
László Szvétek / Antal Cseh / Tamás Szüle
Ildikó Jakab / Eszter Zavaros