Genuine catharsis

A heartbreaking tale of remorse, love and unhappiness – this is Jenůfa’s destiny. The masterpiece by Janáček is performed all over the world and after six years at the Hungarian State Opera as well. In the title role: Szilvia Rálik. 

Jenůfa, the opera by Czech composer Leoš Janáček played to international acclaim promises genuine catharsis. The distressing love and gruesome family drama takes place in a Czech village. The customs of the small community and the laws of religion drive Kostelnicka (the wife of the sacristan) to hide the new born baby of her fallen daughter under the ice of the stream. Thus a respected member of the community – through her undying motherly love, her fear and passion – becomes a murderer.


In the direction of Attila Vidnyánszky this role is originated by Mária Temesi, the two male protagonists are portrayed by János Bándi, and Atilla Kiss B., who has recently been awarded the Kossuth Prize. The performances are conducted by Domonkos Héja. “It is a frightfully good piece… Janáček blends folklore, religion and an endless scale of emotions into a realistic story, and he never runs out of ideas and inventions throughout the music drama” – says the conductor.


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