Pas de quatre14 and TáncTrend14 (DanceTrend14) – alternative at the Erkel Theatre
Hungarian National Ballet: Petite Mort (photo: Szilvia Csibi)

The one-act ballet Etudes by Harald Lander performed by the Hungarian National Ballet as part of their Modern+1 performance opened to enormous success on 22 March. On 5 & 6 April, the ballet company of the Opera appears on stage with three other acclaimed companies, the Ballet Company of Győr, the Ballet Pécs, and the Szeged Contemporary Dance Company. On 7 April, the audience can enjoy productions of independent companies.

The dancers performed jumps and turns of different levels of difficulty ranging from the simplest routines to the most complex techniques. Therefore, this piece is a measure in international ballet: the company that performs it to acclaim, prove their preparation and high standard of technique. On March 22, the artists of the Hungarian National Ballet passed the test; the spectacular jumps, dazzling turns, virtuoso solutions and perfect harmony was accompanied by enthusiastic applause, loud ovation and bravos from the audience several times. Modern+1 – including two Kylián choreographies, Petite Mort and Six Dances – can be seen 6 times at the Erkel Theatre.


For an excerpt from the highly successful Etudes click here.


On 5 & 6 April, the Pas de Quatre14 performances carry on a tradition established by the Opera last year. The aim is to present audiences with four ballet companies of Hungary on stage on one evening. The three companies that accepted the invitation of the Hungarian National Ballet are: the Ballet Company of Győr performs László Velekei’s piece Kodály, the Ballet Pécs presents Waving Floor by Lóránd Zachár, the Szeged Contemporary Dance Company brings an act of Rite, choreographed by Tamás Juronics to Budapest. The three companies create a dance festival at the theatre with the largest auditorium in Hungary along with the Hungarian National Ballet presenting the extraordinary Petite Mort at these performances.


The third night (7 April) of Pas de Quatre14 is TáncTrend14 (DanceTrend14) – alternative opens up possibilities even more: dance audiences can see performances of alternative and independent companies at the Erkel Theatre. It is a compilation of genres featuring Bertalan Vári’s choreography Hungarian Dances 2014 based on folk dances, the tango show Historia del tango by László Budai, and the company of Rita Góbi presenting Pearl Fishers. Following the performance, the audience can turn into dancers themselves: they can learn the basics of tango with László Budai in the grand bar while dancing together with the artist of the Hungarian National Ballet and the guest companies.


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