Opera Café

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A café where you can have lunch, dinner, a mid-afternoon pastry, or a glass of champagne in informal but classy setting.

The café, developed in what was once the ticket offices in Hajós utca, upholds traditions from the time of the Monarchy and offers the tastiest of pastries and drinks to its guests. With a renowned Hungarian restaurant owner, Zoltán Roy Zsidai, and the celebrated chef Zsolt Litauszki at its head, the Opera Café provides an ensemble of variety and quality in the form of European dishes, salads, pastas, sandwiches, desserts, and pastries, including a wide selection of champagne and local wines, and even specialty coffees.

The Opera Café opens to the Portrait Gallery, the walls of which displays the Opera’s eternal members from the past century. The Café also boasts an outdoor terrace, suitable for seating one hundred twenty guests, which is located in front of the sphinx statue and which offers ice cream in the summer.