OperAdventure / Ervin Lázár Programme

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Young people at the Erkel

The 2020-2021 school year brings the ninth season of OperAdventure, the largest theatrical education programme in Hungary. Tens of thousands of students have come from all over the country using discounted tickets for train and public transport, to take part in an opera experience of a lifetime at the Erkel Theatre. In spring of 2014, the programme expanded even further as several public collections opened their doors to the participants of OperAdventure. Thus, the initiative matured into a full-scale cultural adventure.

If the school’s curriculum does not preclude learning off-site, then the programmes outlined in the information pack are eligible to qualify as teaching hours according to the given school’s local teaching programme. 264 cities, almost 800 institutions, 260,000 students – so far. In early 2020, the event joined forces with the Ervin Lázár Programme for a couple of performances. In the spring of 2021, we await students and their teachers with classical and contemporary ballet pieces.

Sponsors: MÁV-START Zrt., GYSEV Zrt., BKK Zrt., State Secretariat for Culture and State Secretariat for Public Education at the Ministry for Human Capacities, Ervin Lázár Programme

Info: operakaland@opera.hu

Photo: Péter Rákossy