The Feszty Bar

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The two levels of the foyer and the smoking halls decorated with oak panelling and blue and golden textiles provide the perfect place for conversations and social interactions in the intermissions. 

The two side hallways of the ornamental staircase lead to the spacious hall on the first floor, with the enclosed part of the smoking area that opens to the terrace located on the side facing the façade. After being intellectually fulfilled, one must also be physically satisfied, which is why the ornaments are focused around Dionysus. György Vastagh painted the birth and education of the god of wine and ecstasy on the two sides of the gilded ceiling, with his triumphant celebration crowning the central section. The faux marble walls are decorated with nine paintings by Árpád Feszty, each of which depict a different sound: Seashell Resonance, Birdsong, Babbling Brook, Dance of the Nymphs, Music of the Faun, Storm, Music of Sappho, Echo, and the Sound of the Conch. Even contemporary critics were enamoured of the modern creations by the then twenty-five-year-old artist.

The renovation of this room was completed by autumn 2015, as ordered by the Opera. The renovation was carried out based on the plans of Tibor Somlai under contract of the Zsidai Group. One of the most important factors was to move the counter from its position in front of the French windows of the three small balconies and overlooking the ornamental stairs to the middle of the room. The sound and audio technology was moved to the centre of the twelve-metre long stand, which can now be used to light the ceiling frescos. The counter serves as an island, and the marble tables placed around it allow guests to consume their food and drink in comfort.