Tuning Series

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Premiere Primers

There could hardly be a more worthwhile initiative for the Opera than to attempt to provide a clearer understanding of the essence of its latest productions with these special, illustrated presentations on each of the new works entering its repertoire. The Tuning Series of 45-minute programmes for each of the season’s premieres continues into the new season too, in Hungarian, in the Bernáth Buffet at the Erkel Theatre or at the Eiffel Art Studios an hour prior to the start of the given opera or ballet production. 

Our presenters will include ballet mistresses Marianna VenekeiIldikó Pongor, Edit Rujsz, ballet master Attila Szakács, chorus master Gáspár Krasznai, music historians Szabolcs Molnár and Dánile Mona, and comparative literary historian  Ákos Windhager.

Registration: hangolo@opera.hu

Please note that this programme is presented in Hungarian (no surtitles available).