Benyovszky – dance performance of the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble

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In collaboration with Hungary's greatest ensembles working to preserve the country's folk dance traditions, the Hungarian State Opera has launched a new series entitled Thundering Nights at the Erkel: Folk Dance Programmes in Hungary's Largest Theatre, in which the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble, the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and the Duna Art Ensemble each take turns on the stage of the storied theatre. The Hungarian National Dance Ensemble will be kicking off the series with two performances of a production scheduled for 27 and 28 October.


Dance performance based on Maurice Benyovszky’s adventurous life

Through this dance performance, by following the vicissitudinary and passionate life story of an extraordinary man, we are “globetrotting” exactly as this famous explorer, writer and world traveller did in the middle of the 18th century. With his thoughts and ideas, Maurice Benyovszky, this educated, multilingual man with irresistible and magnetic charm, was way ahead of its time.

He was a Hungarian hussar captain and count, a Slovak landlord, a Polish patriot and a Russian prisoner of war in Kamchatka (where, after the creation of the world’s first Proclamation of Independence, he escaped from). He became later a French hero and at last, the king of Madagascar. Because of his chequered life story and unique achievements he is rightly one of the most eminent personalities of his age.

The role of the senior Benyovszky who is evoking his memories, is played by the actor Pál Oberfrank, while the role of the young Benyovszky is portrayed by award-winning dancer István Zámbó.

Written by Zsuzsa Vincze
Music and lyrics by Tamás Szarka (Ghymes)
Set designer: Kázmér Tóth

Maurice Benyovszky: Pál Oberfrank and István Zámbó
Zsuzsanna Hanszky: Zsuzsanna Eredics-Fekete

Director and choreographer: Zoltán Zsuráfszky


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