Hungarian State Opera celebrates World Opera Day with the opening of the Eiffel Art Studios

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Following months of theatre closures, the opera sector takes the opportunity to reboot. On 25 October, opera companies and opera lovers around the globe celebrate World Opera Day. On this very day, the Hungarian State Opera officially inaugurates its new artistic complex in Budapest.

The third edition of World Opera Day will take place in a challenging context as theatres around the world resume activity. Former production models have been challenged, and many have invested thought and time in re-inventing themselves to embody their roles as responsible actors of society. Opera companies are re-opening with new ambitions. This year’s theme of Opera Reboot translates into three main strands: jobs for the next generation of talent / equal opportunities / green opera.

Nothing could suit these aims than the Eiffel Art Studios, the new artistic complex of the Hungarian State Opera. Following a period of seven years including planning, construction and a test run, as well as a delay caused by the pandemic, the venue is officially inaugurated on 25 October 2021. The unique complex including workshops, rehearsal spaces, visitor and education centres, and a chamber theatre awaits fans of opera, ballet and classical music, but it also offers numerous programmes for children, families and young adult.

The programme of the grand opening gala entitled Rebirth-Day directed by Orsolya Magyar and artistic director András Almási-Tóth includes Overture from König Stephan by Beethoven, Hungarian Dance from Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky, the ballet Whirling by András Lukács, Act Two of La bohème by Puccini (as directed by Damiano Michieletto), and Budavári Te Deum by Kodály. Outstanding soloists and the ensembles of the Opera – Orchestra, Chorus, Children's Chorus, Hungarian National Ballet and Ballet Institute – are conducted by general music director Balázs Kocsár and first conductor Gergely Kesselyák.

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