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Summer Portraits of Eternal Members

The summer series of the Opera Café TV programme pays tribute to the Eternal Members of the Hungarian State Opera: each year, while the theatre world is on its summer break, it will feature ten portraits of some of the most important personalities from the institution’s recent past. The 26-minute portraits will continue to be broadcast on the M5 cultural television channel and will later appear on commercial and local television channels too. Beside Eternal Members, such influential personalities are also featured in the series who were so outstanding in their time that places and spaces of the Eiffel Art Studios were named after them. Their life and achievements are revealed by Márton Karczag, Head Archive Manager.

(The films are available in Hungarian only, with no subtitles.)

Portraits in the 2022 series: Gyula Harangozó, Ingrid Kertesi , István Róka

For the 2022 playlist CLICK HERE.

Portraits in the 2020 series: Miklós Bánffy, Ferenc Fricsay, Katalin Hágai, Sándor Hevesi, Magda Kalmár, Attila Kiss-B., Katalin Mészöly, Vera Szumrák, Ilona Tokody, Anikó Rohonyi

For the 2020 playlist CLICK HERE.

Portraits in the 2019 series: Zsuzsa Barlay, Imre Dózsa, Katalin Kasza, Mária Kékesi, Péter Kelen, Adél Orosz, Sándor Palcsó, Júlia Pászthy, Ildikó Pongor, István Rozsos

For the 2019 playlist CLICK HERE.

Portraits in the 2018 series: Ildikó Kaszás, Gábor Keveházi, Margit László, Gyöngyi Lukács, Lajos Miller, András Molnár, Lilla Pártay, György Szakály, Mária Uzoni, Katalin Volf

For the 2018 playlist CLICK HERE.

Portraits in the 2017 series: István Berczelly, János Berkes, Veronika Kincses, János Kovács, Kolos Kováts, Ádám Medveczky, Zsuzsa Misura, Sándor Sólyom-Nagy, Miklós Szinetár

For the 2017 playlist CLICK HERE.