Opera Stream

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The lockdowns and restrictions caused by the pandemic posed a challenge everywhere. Therefore, the OPERA also searched for new solutions. Although we are still committed to live performances before audiences, the introduction of streamed performances reinforced the recognition of the fact that there will always be viewers unable to attend the theatres for one reason or the other. They are also catered for through different online services.

On Demand Opera

The new service starting in February 2022 enables viewers to access the productions of the OPERA throughout the year in three price category. With an access code, the recordings can be viewed for one week in full HD (1920x1080 px) quality, with stereo sound and English subtitles.


In 2021, the OPERA introduced a new paid-stream service which provided complete opera and ballet recordings including live premiere productions and earlier recordings. Further live streams are to be expected in the future.


Between September 2020 and July 2021, the OPERA streamed over a hundred aria recitals, opera highlights, chamber concerts, and various special events on its Facebook page free. Thus, fans of opera, ballet and classical music did not have to go without opera experiences during lockdown. The individual performances of the three series, Masquerade, Terzet-Trio-Trois, and OperaWednesday can still be viewed on facebook.com/Operahaz.

To access the streamed performances of the different services, click on the title of the required series above.