ANDREA SZULÁK – Jubilee Gala Concert


In Brief

Performance length: , without intermissions

Andrea Szulák had a change of heart and decided to celebrate two anniversaries with an unforgettable Jubilee Gala Concert. One of them is the 40th anniversary of her career, while the other one is not something that ladies usually mention, and neither does she. The Péter Máté Award-winning diva will be accompanied at the gala performance by the well-known and acclaimed Studio 11 Ensemble, founded in 1963 and featuring some of the most outstanding musicians in Hungarian jazz.

The unique and unrepeatable evening will include the most popular hits of her career, songs by Hungarian and international composers, as well as compositions created especially for the occasion. 

An unmissable evening for lovers of musicals, jazz and pop music, and a round jubilee of a round career ... if you can take it easy, say so: C'est La Vie!

Programme is subject to change!