Jenő Kenessey

The Gold and the Woman


Social music listening session

The one-act The Gold and the Woman is the sole opera to be written by Jenő Kenessey (1906-1976) and was given its world premiere at the Opera House on 8 May 1943. Set in 15th century Lőcse (Levoča), the original story following twists and turns that were also not unfamiliar to 20th century Budapest was written by Gyula Krúdy. It was Kálmán Nádasdy who pointed Kenessey toward the text, and the composer set the source material to music without changing it. Following the events of a single day in one act, the opera imitates the structure of a sonata. Which will turn the head of the mercenary captain who has just arrived in the city? The pretty mistress of the house or the counterfeit gold coins produced by her jealous husband?

Hungarian-language discussion programme


Opera House - Confectionary on the 3rd floor