Bach's Birthday – ONLINE stream



Anyone who thinks that the Opera only has anything to do with the incomparable artistry of Johann Sebastian Bach when its orchestra students are spending their obligatory piano-learning years with some Bach solo works is gravely mistaken. In past decades, the Hungarian State Opera has played the “Christ operas” by producing a staged performance of the St John Passion (director: Károly Eperjes) and performs the St Matthew Passion in German twice during Holy Week every year, as revived by Mendelssohn (director: Géza M. Tóth). A staged pasticcio called Celebration of Joy (director: Jakab Tarnóczy) has been made from a number of his profane cantatas, and it is going on four years that we perform the famous Coffee Cantatas as part of the international movement Bach in the Subways, held every year in March around the time of Bach’s birthday. In March 2019, we received a special award for our performance. Maybe that’s why we were selected to produce the concert of tuba player Zalán László Kovács’s excellent series in 2020 (last year, the concert was held at the Police Palace).
Thomas Stevens: Variations in Olden Style
Bach: Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen, BWV 51
          Coffee Cantata, BWV 211 

Featuring: Klára Kolonits, Zita Váradi, Zoltán Megyesi, Zoltán Bátki-Fazekas (vocals), Balázs Winkler (trumpet), László Zalán Kovács (tuba), Biró Zsófia (flute), Endre Balogh (chello), László Bartal (piano).

Hostess of the evening: Szilvia Becze

This performance was recorded on 19 September 2020 at the Eiffel Art Studios.

This streaming will be available free of charge on the Facebook channel of the Hungarian State Opera.