It was almost exactly 60 years ago to the day that a band calling themselves the Beatles formed and, after a two-year detour to Hamburg (to mature, develop their skills and work with other musicians) they changed not only popular music, but – it is only a slight exaggeration to say – the entire world as well. The obstacles to developing classical versions of their music only lasted a short while, and it soon broke into the world of opera as well. By 1965, a ballet music sketch had been crafted from songs. With grand memories of our 2013 Beatles event at the Opera House (not to mention the March snow!), we are again paying homage to the body of output created by the four contemporary musicians from Liverpool with a special night that promises to take the audience twisting and turning between genres and styles. Guitar professor József Eötvös has unearthed new transcriptions by Leo Brouwer that will take our ballet spoof to a whole new level, and after six years, we will again get to hear the piano concerto that Róbert Gulya wrote for us, and Tamás Beischer-Matyó and Attila Pacsay have composed, respectively, a choral cycle for the Opera’s chorus and a new concerto work for its orchestra.

Leo Brouwer: From Yesterday to Penny Lane
(concerto for guitar and string orchestra)

Venekei/Wilkinson: The Beatlecracker Suite
(ballet based on the music of Tchaikovsky and the Beatles)
Gulya: Concerto 1963
(based on themes from the first Beatles album, Please, Please Me!)

Beischer-Matyó: “Yeah” choral cycle for male choir
Pacsay: Moptops − Four symphonic ideas for the 1960s and orchestra
Featuring: József Eötvös (guitar), József Balog (piano), the dance artists of the Hungarian National Ballet (artistic director: Tamás Solymosi) and the Hungarian State Opera Chorus and Orchestra (chorus director: Gábor Csiki).

Director: András Aczél

Conductor: Tibor Bogányi

Marianna Venekei / Arthur Wilkinson

The Beatlecracker Suite