Modest Mussorgsky


contemporary opera 16 premiere

Opera in four acts with a prologue, in Russian, with Hungarian, English, and Russian subtitles

One of the most remarkable productions of the OPERA's 2023/24 Slavic Season is Boris Godunov by Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky. This work of Russian opera, based on Alexander Pushkin's drama of the same title, returns to the Opera House after more than twenty years, and in the light of the recent years' aspirations and the traditions, in its original version. Therefore, it is not in the arrangement and orchestration by Rimsky-Korsakov that many are familiar with and that is most often performed, but in the original Mussorgsky version, which has a much more suspenseful, condensed plot than the other one. Thus, the play focuses even more on the psychological state of the characters: Mussorgsky creates a refined musical portrait of his characters. András Almási-Tóth's production and interpretation mixes historical time with the present, turning the romantic-historical work into a contemporary psychological thriller with elements of horror, where events take place on several timelines simultaneously.

Balázs Kocsár
Boris Godunov
Gábor Bretz
Laura Topolánszky
Andrea Brassói-Jőrös
Kseniya’s nurse
Bernadett Wiedemann
Prince Vasiliy Ivanovich Shuysky
István Kovácsházi
Andrei Shchelkalov
Zsolt Haja
András Palerdi
Grigoriy Otrepyev / the Pretender / the Fool
Botond Ódor Botond Pál
Aleksei Kulagin
Tivadar Kiss
The Innkeeper
Andrea Szántó
A police officer
Bence Pataki
Boldizsár Zajkás
Featuring the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra, Chorus, and Children's Chorus


Premiere: April 27, 2024

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