Choral Days 2022


January 23., Sunday 08:00

Erkel Theater

Ferenc Erkel, the Opera’s first and eternal principal music director, was for ten years the national chorus master of the budding Hungarian choral movement which gained momentum in 1867, primarily through the National Choral Club, which mainly consisted of four-part, all-male ensembles. Not only did he lead them, he also composed for them and participated in their national meetings. Something similar will also be happening at the theatre that bears his name, now for the seventh time, even if we had to take a break in 2021 because of the virus: in 2022, we are again organising a meeting of amateur choruses, for which each must prepare a single choral piece. The choruses will truly have the Erkel Theatre to themselves for the jamboree: they’ll be able to listen to each other, form connections, and simply enjoy themselves as singers who bring joy to the lives of many families and communities with the help of music. Every time, the Opera provides a performance as a gift to them: in this special Sunday afternoon performance, we plan for the entire auditorium to join in with the Opera Chorus as it sings excerpts from Donizetti’s La fille du régiment on the stage.


Erkel Theater
Jan. 23, 2022
Start time
8 a.m.
End time
5 p.m.
Chorus director, editor
Gábor Csiki


Erkel Theater