Song Afternoons with István Kovács


April 23., Saturday 16:00

Eiffel Art Studios — Hevesi Sándor Stage

If the eye is the mirror of the soul, then singing lieds reflects the singer and the entirety of the artist’s singing. In 2012, this series, spanning a number of seasons, started with song galas in Dalszínház Street. These were interrupted by the closing of the Opera House in 2017, though it should also be noted that the Bertalan Székely Room, used as the venue, was not optimal regarding either its acoustics or its size. Now, the room suitable for housing these song afternoons in Eiffel Art Studios is ready, offering sensitive lighting and decorations, an auditorium with 120 or up to 150 seats, an excellent Steinway concert piano, and the cooperation of the Opera’s pianists and répétiteurs.


Franz Schubert:
Der Wanderer
Rastlose Liebe
Du bist die Ruh
Auf der Donau

Johannes Brahms:
O wüsst’ ich doch den Weg zurück
Vergebliches Ständchen
Sapphische Ode
Von ewiger Liebe

Hugo Wolf:
Wohl denk’ ich oft
Alles endet, was entstehet
Fühlt meine Seele

Kodály Zoltán:
Az erdő
Ádám, hol vagy?
A fársáng búcsúzó szavai

Jacques Ibert: Chansons de Don Quichotte
Chanson du départ de Don Quichotte
Chanson à Dulcinée
Chanson du Duc
Chanson de la mort de Don Quichotte


Eiffel Art Studios — Hevesi Sándor Stage
April 23, 2022
Start time
4 p.m.
End time
5 p.m.
Attila Toronykőy
Szilveszter Ókovács
Hostess of the event
Bori Keszei


Eiffel Art Studios — Hevesi Sándor Stage