W. McGregor / A. Ekman / J. Kylián - J. Talbot / J. White III. / M. Karlsson / E. Satie / A. Brun / W. A. Mozart


contemporary ballet 14

Modern ballet show in three acts

Wayne McGregor / Joby Talbot / Jack White III


“Often in my own choreographies I have actively conspired to disrupt the spaces in which the body performs,” says Wayne McGregor, and this is true of this dance piece of his that examines the dramatic possibilities of the human body and how it is capable of communicating extreme thoughts and emotions. Fusing with and augmenting Joby Talbot’s original arrangements of music from the American rock band The White Stripes is a spare and minimalist set designed by architect John Pawson. Since its 2006 London premiere, Chroma has been adopted by major European and American ballet companies. In the 2021/22 season, it also becomes part of the Hungarian National Ballet’s repertoire.

"Minimalism and anarchy, chaos and classicism."

Commissioned by the the Royal Ballet. Chroma was first performed by the RoyalBallet at the Royal Opera House, London on 17 November 2006.

Alexander Ekman / Mikael Karlsson / Erik Satie / Ane Brun

Episode 31

“Episode 31 was created in 2011 for the graduating senior class at the Juilliard School in New York City. It is a large group piece consisting of a number of fast-paced scenes created by the dancers. From an upbeat drumming sequence to a quiet comment on beauty by Eric Satie, this piece is a showcase for the young enthusiastic energy of these very athletic dancers.” This is how Alexander Ekman explains the origins of a choreography that, after its New York premiere, was also shown in Edinburgh and also made it into the repertoires of the Finnish National Ballet and the Royal New Zealand Ballet. In September 2019, it becomes a colourful part of the Hungarian National Ballet’s modern repertoire.

"From youthful enthusiasm to quiet meditation: this is all dance."

Alexander Ekman and Mikael Karlsson are represented by Stepping Grounds Arts/CultureManagement.   www.steppinggrounds.com

Jiří Kylián / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Petite Mort

Jiří Kylián has always admired Mozart; over the course of his career, he has created a number of choreographed to the composer's music, including one from 1991 that paid homage to the genius of the 200th anniversary of his death.

Featured in this uniquely atmospheric ballet are six women, six men and six swords. In addition to the weapons, other props include black, baroque-style clothing and bizarre crinolines. The symbolic image in the dance piece presents a world where aggression, sexuality, silence, music, vulnerability, interdependence and eternal human beauty exist together in their own sense of poetry. This ballet from the choreographer's mature period is characterised by daring visuals, superb dance performances, elegance and style and has featured in the Hungarian National Ballet's repertoire since May 2013.

Jiří Kylián / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Six Dances

"I've decided that I cannot simply create a dance series reflecting the composer's sense of humour and music genious. Instead, I've choreographed six visibly confusing scenes..." (Jiří Kylián)

In Kylián's ballet, Mozartian playfulness and absurd reality are transplanted into the language of movement. It was not a story that he set out to create, but rather a dance piece constructed out of the absurd situations encountered by heroes in powdered wigs who sometimes act irrationally and awkwardly: the very dictionary definition of the word "burlesque". From the first moment, the eight dancers take the stage like they are stepping out of a wax museum from Mozart's own era, and then the innovative freshness and dizzying dynamic of the choreography makes them ever more modern: timeless heroes of Kylián's absurd creative world.


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