Eiffel Art Studios at Night

contemporary theater play

December 21., Tuesday 23:00

Eiffel Art Studios

Buildings have souls, a silence that can rarely be touched, and a night-time existence that we seldom encounter. After the dress rehearsals for Der Messias have ended, Locomotive Hall will be empty and silent. However, just an hour later, lights will flicker on at the oval stage and guests will arrive for a special occasion of waiting for Christmas and whiling away the two midnight hours of the longest night of the winter with opera and ballet. Mulled wine with cloves and the scent of cinnamon, accompanied by opera and ballet interpretations and Christmas songs, from the Opera’s musicians.


Eiffel Art Studios
Dec. 21, 2021
Start time
11 p.m.
End time
Musical editor
Gábor Csiki
Mária Harangi


Eiffel Art Studios