Sarkissova K. / Venekei M. / J. Kylián / L. Seregi / Animal Cannibals / A. Wilkinson / W. A. Mozart / E. Dohnányi

Napoleon Cake

contemporary ballet 16 premiere

Ballet evening in three parts

Just like the layers of the cake, the dance pieces are built on each other in this show. The choreographies are significantly defined by their music: Joyful! evokes the world of gospels in the collaboration of former ballerina Karina Sarkissova and the rap duo Animal Cannibals. Marianna Venekei’s The Beatlecracker pays homage to Tchaikovsky and The Beatles promising an extraordinary experience to the audience. Jiří Kylián’s two pieces created to the music of Mozart is a homage to the composer genius with spectacle and elegance as well as vertiginous dynamics based on situation comedy. The closing choreography of the show is Variations on a Nursery Song by László Seregi, in cooperation with the Hungarian Dance Academy.

Karina Sarkissova / Animal Cannibals


The descendants of African slaves carried off to North American live their faith through the spiritual world of gospel, which from intimate beginnings often flows into celebration and sunny and dynamic thanksgiving. This is the world that will appear in a dance programme. The choreography is being created by Karina Sarkissova, one of the Hungarian National Ballet’s female principals. With the help of Animal Cannibals, another key genre of American music will also add flavour to the show: rap.

Sofia Ivanova-Skoblikova Kristina Starostina Mikalai Radziush Iurii Kekalo Ievgen Lagunov
Student of the Hungarian National Ballet Institute
Lóránt Magyar

Marianna Venekei / Arthur Wilkinson

The Beatlecracker Suite

Jiří Kylián / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Petite Mort

Jiří Kylián has always admired Mozart; over the course of his career, he has created a number of choreographed to the composer's music, including one from 1991 that paid homage to the genius of the 200th anniversary of his death.

Featured in this uniquely atmospheric ballet are six women, six men and six swords. In addition to the weapons, other props include black, baroque-style clothing and bizarre crinolines. The symbolic image in the dance piece presents a world where aggression, sexuality, silence, music, vulnerability, interdependence and eternal human beauty exist together in their own sense of poetry. This ballet from the choreographer's mature period is characterised by daring visuals, superb dance performances, elegance and style and has featured in the Hungarian National Ballet's repertoire since May 2013.

Jiří Kylián / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Six Dances

"I've decided that I cannot simply create a dance series reflecting the composer's sense of humour and music genious. Instead, I've choreographed six visibly confusing scenes..." (Jiří Kylián)

In Kylián's ballet, Mozartian playfulness and absurd reality are transplanted into the language of movement. It was not a story that he set out to create, but rather a dance piece constructed out of the absurd situations encountered by heroes in powdered wigs who sometimes act irrationally and awkwardly: the very dictionary definition of the word "burlesque". From the first moment, the eight dancers take the stage like they are stepping out of a wax museum from Mozart's own era, and then the innovative freshness and dizzying dynamic of the choreography makes them ever more modern: timeless heroes of Kylián's absurd creative world.

László Seregi / Ernst von Dohnányi

Variations on a Nursery Song

Legendary Hungarian choreographer László Seregi created his Variations on a Nursery Song to music cycle bearing the same title by Ernő Dohnányi in 1978. The one-act piece tells a simple tale that sums up a wisdom of life: the troubled man of our days in a sped up world should always preserve the happiness and purity of childhood. As Seregi once stated about his work: “The main idea behind the piece is that in our hectic life, we should never forget the sweet sounds and melodies of childhood, this unspoilt world. Those who can retain these memories embedded deep in their souls, are more immune, happier and carefree.”