H. van Manen / A. Lukács / A. Ekman / E. Satie / P. Glass / A. Piazzolla / J. F. Haydn / L. van Beethoven / F. Schubert


contemporary ballet 12 premiere

Ballet evening in two parts

We regret to inform you that the performance of Whirling announced as part of the evening’s programme is cancelled and is planned to be rescheduled for another date during the season of 2020/21.

Desires, fears, passions, limits are in focus of the Hungarian National Ballet’s show featuring Trois Gnossiennes, a sensitive duet by Hans van Manen through the dynamic Whirling by András Lukács to another piece by van Manen: 5 Tangos evoke a pulsing metropolis and a world of fiery and passionate instincts. The closing piece of the evening, Cacti is presented in Hungary for the first time. Alexander Ekman examines modern dance itself. The work passionately, and often raucously, picks apart the mannerisms of dance.

Hans van Manen / Erik Satie

Trois Gnossiennes

Built around the magically beautiful music of Erik Satie, Hans van Manen’s Trois Gnossiennes draws a picture of a unique relationship. This double portrait painted with sensitive brushstrokes flashes with images of trust, submission and dominance, and relativity and interdependence. Masterfully alternating between lyrical and grotesque elements and weaving together memorable human traits, van Manen depicts monologues and dialogue, as well as symbolic moments of a relationship rich in intimate profundities. The bravura elevation of simple poses to the level of acrobatics and the enigmatic and fantastic play with a living body that goes limp make this short but dense work an unforgettable one.

Hans van Manen / Astor Piazzolla

5 Tangos

Five Tangos is one of Hans van Manen’s best known and, deservedly, most popular works: superb music and dance combine to evoke a pulsing metropolis and a world of fiery and passionate instincts. Sometimes sultrily lethargic and other times set to accelerating tempos featuring virtuoso elements, this thrilling work plays with solo and group scenes to reveal the changing games of the individual and the community, the many faces and layers of love and attraction and a portrait of an era.

Female solo
Lili Felméry
Male solo
Gergely Leblanc
Female pas de quatre
Yuliya Golovyna Inés Furuhashi-Huber
Male pas de quatre
Gaetano Cottonaro Dmitry Diachkov

Alexander Ekman / Franz Joseph Haydn / Ludwig van Beethoven / Franz Schubert


Alexander Ekman is represented by Stepping Grounds Arts/CultureManagement.   www.steppinggrounds.com 

Hungarian translation by Minka Benkő.

Music of the First part of ' Cacti': Collectively put together, improvised and composed by Tinta Schmidt von Altenstadt, David Marks, Saskia Viersen, Artur Trajko and Jan Pieter Koch / musical coordinator from the Presto movement of Franz Schubert: Symphony, "Death and the Maiden". 

Further you can hear also the symphonic version of Franz Schubert's "Death and the Maiden" (arr. A. Stein) / performed by “Kungliga Hovkapellet/Royal Swedish Opera”


Eiffel Art Studios – Miklós Bánffy Stage
Eiffel Art Studios – Miklós Bánffy Stage
Eiffel Art Studios – Miklós Bánffy Stage