An Eyeful of the Eiffel with Háry János!

youth programme 6

A fun tour around the Eiffel Art Studios

It is not only adults whom we would like to introduce to the interior of the Eiffel Art Studios: we also want to show the operatic labyrinth that we have set up there to the opera fans and viewers of the future. Our aim with the An Eyeful of the Eiffel with Háry János! programme is to elevate a traditional building tour showing the activities taking place across the complex to the level of a children’s performance by having the “old” Harry’s incorporate his narratives into his role as tour guide on a nearly one-kilometre trek through the building featuring, along with its special functions, encounters with the main characters of the Háry János story. The participating children and their parents and grandparents will thus get to enjoy a memorable opera experience including Zoltán Kodály’s music based on folk songs, a playfully dramatic look at the Eiffel complex and András Berecz’s fine reworking of the text.

Text written by András Berecz 

Director: Sylvie Gábor 

Meeting point: Eiffel Arts Studios – Feketeházy Terrace

Please note that this programme is in in Hungarian and we don not provide any translations.