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January 28., Friday 22:30

Eiffel Art Studios – Locomotive Hall

Funny Mondays in Locomotive Hall with KAP and Janklovics

Both our heroes have connections to the OPERA: András Péter Kovács (KAP) would not be able to deny that he has already performed at Eiffel Art Studios on three occasions as part of the Joyful! programs, which the Opera basically organised in September 2020 based on his idea, as a nod to workers in the healthcare industry. He also rewrote the dialogue for the opera La fille du régiment. And Péter Janklovics, even if he keeps it a secret, also has close ties to the opera, as his wife works for the OPERA, making him an operatic brother-in-law of sorts. On the first week of each month in the season, they will be here on the first night of the week to drive away the Monday blues in this mixture of a railway and opera milieu, giving their own mixture of high art and down-to-earth performances – adding music and the civilised consumption of drinks to their track work. Don’t forget: their opera/ballet/theatre program will be offered only at Eiffel, only once a month, and only on Monday nights!

Featuring András Péter Kovács and Péter Janklovics
Featuring conductor István Dénes (piano)
Director: András Aczél
Partner: Dumaszínház

Please note that this programme is in Hungarian and we do not provide any translations or surtitles.


Eiffel Art Studios – Locomotive Hall
Jan. 28, 2022
Start time
10:30 p.m.
End time
11:30 p.m.
András Aczél


Eiffel Art Studios – Locomotive Hall
Eiffel Műhelyház – Locomotive Hall
Eiffel Műhelyház – Locomotive Hall
Eiffel Műhelyház – Locomotive Hall
Eiffel Műhelyház – Locomotive Hall