Hungarian Song Marathon


January 22., Saturday 10:00

Eiffel Art Studios – Miklós Bánffy Stage

Ferenc Kölcsey supposedly finalised his epic poem on 22 January 1823, while spending time alone in Szatmárcseke. This is the dawn of the Age of Reform: twenty years later, in the erupting finale to the Age, Ferenc Erkel elevated Kölcsey’s Himnusz (Hymn) to the status of the hymn of Hungarians when he added music to it in 1844. On the Day of Hungarian Culture, our imaginations are transported from the foundation of the state, the birth of the nation, to the birth of the Himnusz. All you have to do is watch the clock: At 10 am, a marathon of Hungarian folk and art songs will kick off, closed with Erkel’s Himnusz at 18:23 (6:23 pm). Naturally all of the Hungarian State Opera’s solo, chorus, and children’s chorus singers are welcome to apply, in addition to which we also await the application of singing students from the Academy of Music: we will need 100 singers if everyone is to perform a 5-minute program. We provide the piano, applicants need to provide for their accompaniment. The Hungarian Song Marathon will be broadcast live on the Opera’s social networking sites. The best performances will be rewarded.


Eiffel Art Studios – Miklós Bánffy Stage
Jan. 22, 2022
Start time
10 a.m.
End time
3 p.m.
András Aczél
The lady of the house
Eszter Zavaros


Eiffel Art Studios – Miklós Bánffy Stage