HungarianFest Opening Concert


May 10., Wednesday 15:00

Opera House – Bertalan Székely Hall

Highlights from Johann Strauss’s operetta Der Zigeunerbaron

On one of his visits to Budapest, the younger Johann Strauss formed an acquaintanceship with the Hungarian writer Mór Jókai, whose global popularity was also considerable; the fruit of their association turned out to be one of the “Waltz King's” finest operettas: Der Zigeunerbaron, or The Gypsy Baron, with which the 60-year-old Strauss once again captivated the world.
One of the work's virtues is that its music lends itself to the opera stage, with the sounds of the Hungarian csárdás, Gypsy music, the Viennese waltz and weightier melodies all rubbing along together marvellously.

Featuring: Boldizsár László, Eszter Zavaros, Zoltán Bátki Fazekas, Zsolt Haja, Orsolya Hajnalka Rőser
Pianist: Sámuel Csaba Tóth

Barinkay’s aria from Act 1 – Boldizsár László
Szaffi’s aria from Act 1 – Eszter Zavaros
Duet of Barinkay and Szaffi from Act 2 – Boldizsár László, Eszter Zavaros
Zsupán’s aria from Act 1 – Zoltán Bátki Fazekas
Homonnay’s Recruiting Song from Act 2 – Zsolt Haja
Frühlingsstimmen – Orsolya Hajnalka Rőser


Opera House – Bertalan Székely Hall
May 10, 2017
Start time
3 p.m.
End time
4:30 p.m.


Opera House – Bertalan Székely Hall