Children Chorus 50


Half a Century of play and music

No virus has been able to cancel the superb anniversary that is the celebration of the youngest of generations who perform in the Opera the most often. Although the exact date of the anniversary was during the previous season, the Season of the French Muse, both the current and the former children’s chorus members are worthy of making up for the delayed celebration. Despite the size of the venue, we invite all interested parties to participate in the intimate event at Erkel Theatre, where we will be performing Erzsébet Szőnyi’s A makrancos királylány.

Szőnyi Erzsébet: A makrancos királylány
Királylány: Gábor Luca
Bojtár: Abebe-Ayele Rafael
Királyné: Kirsch-Veszeli Jázmin
Udvarmester: Sitkei-Magyar Csenge
Puli: Ercsey Zsuzsanna
Orvos: Jutasi Sári
Kínai: Gálbory Kíra
Kínai babák: Bereczki Luca, Csányi Panna, Jobbágy Elmira, Kótai Liza
Madárka: Komzák Gerda
Kikiáltó: Locsmándi Réka

Featuring the current and former members of the Hungarian State Opera Children’s Chorus (conducted by Nikolett Hajzer) and the artists of the Orchestra.

Conductor: Nikolett Hajzer
Director: András Aczél
Hostess of the event: Beáta Breinich


Erkel Theatre – Main stage