Gyula Papp 70


“Between Generations” – The Oeuvre Concert

Over the course of my career, I’ve featured on approximately 240 music recordings as a composer, producer, or guest performer. The band Mini brought success to a synthesis of progressive, jazz, and classical music; Skorpió and Dinamit did the same with rock music. My last album was with Mándoki Soulmates, which was album of the year in Germany,” summarises his career Gyula Papp, keyboard player, composer, and theatre music director, who turns 70 this year. This monster of a performance encompasses several decades of his oeuvre and features, in addition to the subject of the celebrations (in chronological order) Ádám Török, Levente Szörényi, Károly Frenreisz, Ferenc Demjén, Charlie Horváth, Gyula Vikidál, Alajos Németh, Miklós Varga, Joe Rudán, Attila Nyerges, Árpád Zsolt Mészáros, Attila Dolhai, Viktória Békefi, Zsuzsanna Cserne Papp, and Georgina Katalin Papp, as well as a surprise guest. The two-part concert also features István Nagy, Zoltán Kiss, Csaba Bese, Gábor Németh, Antal Gábor Szűcs, Luca Kézdy, and the musicians of the band Ismerős Arcok: Nándor Galambos, Szilveszter Leczó, Vilmos Práder, Tamás Kovacsik, and István “Stevie” Tánczos.

The concert is organised by the Papp-Hegedűs Music Project.


Erkel Theatre – Main stage