Pas de Quatre '22

contemporary ballet

Ballet evening in two parts

Hostess of the evening: Ildikó Megyimórecz 

Tamás Juronics


Sol León & Paul Lightfoot / P. Prado / A. Dominguez / E. Lecuona / R. Barretto / Trio Los Panchos

Sad Case

“Now in hindsight we realise that energy is everything. When we created Sad Case in 1998, so far in to Sol’s pregnancy, the hormones were jumping and emotions were high.  It is these hormones of laughter, madness and the trepidation of the unknown ahead that are the umbilical chord of this work,” says the British Paul Lightfoot, thinking back to the origin of the ballet. He and his partner, the Spanish Sol León share credit for the performance’s choreography and set and costume designs. Up until 2020, León worked as artistic consultant and Lightfoot as artistic director for the Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT), where they were responsible for bringing about sixty creations, including Sad Case, which is undoubtedly one of the pillars of their work. In it, surprising movements set to Mexican mambo music reflect the ongoing search for the tension between the satirical and the serious. The Opera has long planned the staging of this irresistible modern piece for Hungarian audiences – and by way of it, the art of the world-famous Lightfoot.

Lóránd Zachár / Balázs Vincze / Sándor Szokolay

Ballad of loathing

Dancers: Karin Iwata, Marina Pérez Ahedo, Frank Edina, Kis Jana Luca,  Szendrey Rebeka, Balogh Csongor, José Blasco Pastor, Koncz Péter, Matola Dávid, Molnár Zsolt Harangozó-díjas, Szabó Márton, Varga Máté 

András Lukács

Tabula rasa


Eiffel Art Studios – Miklós Bánffy Stage