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PUSKÁS – the musical

contemporary musical

May 20., Saturday 15:00

Erkel Theatre – Main stage

Musical in Hungarian in two parts

Puskás, the musical captures the essence of life in Hungary in the 1940s and 1950s through the heart-warming, uplifting and edifying story of the most famous hungarian, Ferenc Puskás and the legendary football Golden Team! The play follows the life of Ferenc Puskás, from Kispest AC junior team, through his first time playing in the Hungarian national team, the Helsinki Olympics, the Hungary-England 6:3 match, the Match of the Century at Wembley Stadium to Real Madrid. A story about friendship, love, comradery and patriotism. In 2021 Puskás, the musical was the most viewed theatre performance in Hungary, in fact we are welcoming our 80.000th viewer in May!


Erkel Theatre – Main stage
May 20, 2023
Start time
3 p.m.
End time
6 p.m.


Erkel Theatre – Main stage
Erkel Theatre – Main stage