Antonín Dvořák


mixed opera 12 premiere

Opera in three acts, in Czech, with Hungarian and English subtitles

What could be more dramatic and moving on an opera stage than someone's voice being taken away and they must be silent? Yet this is what happens to Rusalka, the water fairy who lives with her family in the clear waters of a forest lake. When she falls in love with a prince, she sacrifices her voice and leaves home in the hope of finding true love in a new world. Mermaid characters are well-known from different fairy tales and fables, and their stories are told in both in cheerful and tragic versions. The Czech folklore is not lacking the motif used by Antonín Dvořák in his opera Rusalka, which begins as a fairy tale but soon turns into a heart-breaking tragedy. Dvořák's opera was first performed in Prague in 1901. In Budapest, it was presented in guest performances, first by the Bratislava National Theatre in 1956, then the Prague National Theatre in 1976 – and never since. Thus, it is time for the OPERA to present the most iconic work of Czech opera history in its own spectacular production by János Szikora. What could be more fitting an occasion for it than the Slavic Season?

Péter Halász
Andrea Brassói-Jőrös
The prince
Zoltán Nyári
The foreign princess
Szilvia Rálik
Vodník, the water goblin
Károly Szemerédy
Erika Gál
Máté Fülep
Attila Erdős
Kitchen boy
Laura Topolánszky
First wood sprite
Zsuzsanna Kapi
Second wood sprite
Anna Csenge Fürjes
Third wood sprite
Lúcia Megyesi Schwartz
Featuring the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra and Chorus, as well as students of the Hungarian Dance Universtiy


Premiere: Jan. 27, 2024

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