Marianna Venekei / Igor Stravinsky


contemporary ballet

Ballet in one act

World premier

“Women innately find their own amorous nourishment like birds find seeds or fish. Driven by their instincts, they hover over lakes, river, seas and plains and then after complex swirling and circling manoeuvres, suddenly swoop down all at once and strike. At such times, their instincts and eyesight are both made marvellously evident. They very rarely miss, and it only infrequently occurs that the victim is stronger or more clever and able to slip out of their beaks like a tadpole from a gull’s bill. Then they squawk, just like a seagull, and soar upwards, hovering, circling, tirelessly and alertly.” Quoting this slightly ironic passage from Sándor Márai is Marianna Venekei, the choreographer of the new ballet Firebirds, based on the wonderful music of Igor Stravinsky.

At the beginning of the preformance the quote from Sándor Márai’s Füves könyv is read by actor László Sinkó.


Premiere: April 17, 2020