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Opening Gala Concert at the Eiffel Art Studios

A long and rocky path led from January 2013 to October 2021, when the Opera’s enormous and very important new facilities were officially handed over. Due to the delays in construction and the 2020/2021 coronavirus epidemic, the inauguration of the largest public building in Hungary allowed us an ideal prologue: a long and unhurried test run and a gradual taking possession of the rooms, as the Opera started moving into the building in 2019. The official opening ceremony involving all of the Institution’s artistic companies will be the first large celebration in Hungarian opera culture in Reopening Season, and what is more it takes place on the eve of World Opera Day, followed by the re-inauguration of the Opera House in the spring.

Part 1
Erkel Ferenc: Hymnus (National Anthem)
Performed by the Hungarian State Opera Children’s Chorus and the winners of the National Songs competition

Ludwig van Beethoven: König Stephan (King Stephen) – Overture
Performed by the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra
Conducted by Balázs KOCSÁR

Kornélia Mráz / Pjotr Iljics Csajkovszkij: Swan Lake – Hungarian Dance
Performed by the Hungarian National Ballet Institute
Artistic director: Dace RADINA
Conducted by Balázs KOCSÁR

András Lukács / Philip Glass: Whirling
Solo: Lea FÖLDI & Iurii KEKALO
Featuring the Hungarian National Ballet
Artistic director: Tamás SOLYMOSI

Part 2
Giacomo Puccini: La bohème 2.0 – Act Two
Directed by Damiano MICHIELETTO
Featuring: Orsolya SÁFÁR, Rita RÁCZ, Gergely BONCSÉR, Csaba SÁDOR, Zsolt HAJA, Marcell BAKONYI, Tamás SZÜLE, Donát VARGA and the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra, Chorus and Children’s Chorus
Chorus director: Gábor CSIKI
Head of the Children’s Chorus: Nikolett HAJZER
Conducted by Gergely KESSELYÁK

Eiffel Art Studios – film screening

Kodály Zoltán: Budavári Te Deum
Featuring: Erika MIKLÓSA, Lúcia MEGYESI SCHWARTZ, István HORVÁTH, András PALERDI and the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra and Chorus
Conducted by KOCSÁR Balázs

Hosted by Melitta GYÜDI
Assistant: Orsolya MAGYAR
Artistic director: András ALMÁSI-TÓTH 


Eiffel Art Studios – Miklós Bánffy Stage