Live vocal only! No instruments or sound effects - just eight incrediblytalented singer-comedians who are fluent in the art of beatboxing. They reproduce an entire orchestra solely with their voices.

Award-winning, full of energy, irony and fun, this international phenomenonwill bring you over a hundred favorite hits from Madonna and Michael Jackson to Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. Special attention to Mozart!

For 15 months Voca People toured only in America. And there was also a Paris “run”- 500 shows, then all of France, Belgium, Switzerland, South America, Asia, four tours in China, three in Korea and the same number in Singapore. More than 40 countries, more than 3 million tickets sold.

Just a few quotes allow us to understand how the media evaluates the team:

“It’s just a knockout!” - New York Times

"Aliens with golden voices!" - Le Figaro

“Amazing vocals, very fun show!” - New York Post

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Erkel Theatre – Main stage