Wagner's Ring returns to the Opera

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The Hungarian State Opera presents Das Rheingold on 21 March 2015. Wagner's Ring cycle has been missing from the repertoires for years. This spring director Géza M. Tóth begins to rebuild the tetralogy.

The Oscar-nominee animation director has had a long relationship with the Hungarian State Opera. His documentaries about the history of the Opera House and the Hungarian opera have received immense popularity. He has been preparing Das Rheingold for almost a year while never losing sight of the fact that the whole Ring cycle must form one unit.

As Wagner wrote so many things which would be impossible to represent using traditional theatrical methods such as Rhinemaidens swimming under water, fire coming out of nowhere, the appearance of two giants, the transformation into a dragon. A medium capable of magic had to be found.

Semi-transparent projection screens help achieving the desired effects. The projected images with the ever-changing lights and symbolic props together create the unique style of the production. However, the projected imagery is only one element of the visual concept, lighting, stage design, costumes and above all, the stage presence, movement and performance of the singers are all equally important.

Conductor Péter Halász, principal music director of the Opera first heard the Ring cycle as a teenager at the Hungarian State Opera. He first started to get to know the piece better when he got the recordings by Sir George Solti. For months now he has been analysing the elaborate score, and he believes that every time you can discover something new in it.


The premiere features leading singers of the Opera. Wotan is portrayed by Mihály Kálmándi, chamber singer for the2013/14 season. The roles of Loge and Alberich are sung by two international guest stars: Adrian Eröd and Marcus Jupither make their debut at the Budapest Opera.


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