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Accredited further training for teachers

The Opera House feels an intense sense of responsibility to those teachers who have found their calling in public education here in Hungary, so it provides them with an opportunity to complete 30 hours of accredited further training. The programme first provides participants with a thorough working knowledge of a theatre’s daily operations, and then leads them into the world of opera and ballet, all in a series of colourful, inspiring, and at the same time, enjoyable sessions – all in the unconcealed hope that, as a result of their experiences, the teachers will be able to transmit their new knowledge and enthusiasm to their students.

The further training includes observing two performances and the teachers will then receive theoretical and practical training, which include both plenary and group sessions. (Also included are discussion forums, workshops and rehearsal visits, a presentation on music history, advice on planning cultural programmes, group music-making, a tour of the building, and personal meetings with artists, producers and theatre professionals.)

The performances are at the Opera House.